This Election, have your voice heard.

Canada’s auto dealers are small business leaders who contribute to their local communities and help drive Canada’s economy forward. This election, let’s make our voices heard and ensure that small businesses and Canada’s retail auto sector is supported.



Key issues of concern to our industry this Federal Election

Help Small Businesses Thrive and Grow

Governments should recognize the vital role small businesses play in the continued growth of Canada’s economy and create an economic environment where they can strive and grow.

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Encouraging the Proliferation of Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs)

The federal government needs to allocate additional funding to the iZEV program and develop a national public awareness campaign to ensure the continued success of the program

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Analyzing each Platform against our Industry's needs

Platform stance on the Auto Industry

 The Federal Liberal platform announced a proposed new luxury tax of 10% on cars over $100, 000. CADA has estimated that over 92 vehicle models could be targeted by this massive tax increase, thus resulting in considerable loss of revenue and employment at many of our dealerships across Canada. Luxury taxes have historically been ineffective at raising more revenue for governments and have been reversed in many jurisdictions.

We are extremely concerned by the unintended consequences of this new proposal from the Liberals on an already challenged automotive sector in Canada.

At this stage, only the NDP has announced a set of measures specifically targeted at the automobile industry in their bid to form the next government. They have pledged to convene an auto summit with provincial, municipal, and industry and labour leaders to develop a consensus on a National Automotive Strategy to attract and retain jobs and investment. Additional, they’ve promised to restore Automotive Innovation Fund and make contributions to automakers tax-free

The Conservatives continue to indicate their support for the automotive industry and the retail auto sector however, they have yet to bring forward policies in support of the industry this election cycle.

Platform stance on Small Businesses

  • Maintain small business tax rate at 9%

  • Reduce credit card processing fees

  • Eliminate swipe fees on GST/HST

  • Cash incentives for entrepreneurs and startups

  • Repeal tax increases on small business investments

  • Exempt spouses from tax increases on small business dividends

  • Make it easier to navigate Canada’s tax system and the Canada Revenue Agency

  • Reduce federal regulations by 25 per cent

  • Assign a Minister reporting directly to the Prime Minister to lead red tape reduction efforts

  • Mandate ministers and regulators to support innovation, economic growth, and global competitiveness

  • Champion Canada’s small businesses to the world

  • Create green venture capital fund to assist green business startups

  • Streamline small businesses tax process

  • Create a national Pharmacare program, which they estimate will save small businesses $600 per year in employee in health benefits

  • Legislation to reduce tax burden on small business family transfers

  • Streamline access to government export services and make it simpler for small businesses to break into foreign markets

  • New investments in skills and training

Platform stance on Climate Change

  • Commit to net-zero emissions by 2050. For businesses and industry that means they will have to take action to offset their emissions

  • Phase out coal power by 2030 to meet the Paris agreement’s carbon emission reduction goals

  • Ban single use plastics by 2021

  • Plant two billion trees to fight climate change

  • Cut taxes in half for clean tech businesses

  • Interest-free loan for homeowners and landlords to make their homes more energy efficient

  • Scrap the carbon tax

  • Target major emitters that produce more than 40 kilo tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year

  • Establish a Green Patent Credit that will reduce the tax rate to 5% on income that is generated from green technology developed and patented in Canada

  • Establish a green homes tax credit for green improvements to homes

  • Negotiate regulatory changes that would increase the efficiency of transportation of goods at Canada’s borders

  • Public transit tax-credit

  • Reduce emissions to 60% below 2005 levels by 2030, thus doubling Canada’s Paris agreement targets

  • Commit to net-zero emissions by 2050

  • Ban fracking and halt all new fossil fuel development projects

  • Ban single-use plastics by 2021

  • Ban the sale of ICE passenger vehicles by 2030

  • Exempt new and used electric and zero-emission vehicles from federal sales tax

  • Expand charging stations for electric vehicles, including all parking lots associated with federal facilities.

  • Reduce Canada’s emissions by 38% below 2005 levels by 2030

  • Retrofit all homes in Canada by 2050 by providing low interest loans for green renovations

  • Create a ‘climate bank’ for investment in green projects and renewable energy

  • Ban single-use plastics by 2022

  • Modernize and expand public transit across Canada

  • Eliminate fossil fuel subsidies immediately

  • Make all federal government vehicle fleets electric by 2025

  • 100% ZEV  sales in Canada by 2040

  • Expand charging networks from ZEVs across Canada

Platform stance on Canada - United States - Mexico Agreement

  • Will move to complete the ratification of CUSMA post-election

  • Will not support reopening the deal if the U.S Congress demands changes be made for ratification

  • New Democrats do not support the deal and would like to work with the U.S. Congress to make changes to a few sections, particularly with labour enforcement rules and the risk of increased drug-costs.

  • Though they do not support a few clauses of the deal, they will move to ratify as it is if elected.



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